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5 Tips for your new home decoration

5 Tips for your new home decoration

one problem always face us when we moved to new apartment is the decoration . Here in Zamalek Flats we have helped a lot of people to move in Cairo by give them an apartment for rent in Zamalek or in Cairo . so we decide to tell you some decoration secrets and tips to help you feel comfortable in your new flat in cairo .

1- You are in Egypt why don’t you make your home a part of it :


ancient Egyptian decoration

ancient Egyptian decoration

Egypt has a 7000 years of civilization . that gives you many themes to apply in your Home decoration you can with small pieces of decoration ( which you may pay in a low price from Khan El Khalily ) to apply what we called the ancient Egyptian theme or may be you apply the Islamic theme with some Arabic fonts like this picture . you can buy one of those stickers from amazon or you can hire a calligrapher in a low price from Ataba .

decoration for apartment in zamalek

some quote from Qura’an

2 – Go dark

dark decoration flat in Zamalek

dark decoration flat

If you have a new apartment in Zamalek and you decide to repaint it and you don’t know what color you should choose you should go dark !

Dark walls do the opposite of what you’d expect: They make a small room feel bigger.


3- wallpaper Is always a good idea :
apartment for rent in zamalek

we always recommend wallpaper . it’s easy and doesn’t cost a lot of money . if you don’t like your home colors and don’t want to cost your self a lot of money to repaint a flat you won’t stay in for more than year  . you should think about wallpaper .


4- plants cheer up a lonely corner :


flat for rent in zamalek

plants cheer up a lonely corner in flat

Cairo is one of the most polluted cities in the world . you should think about real plant in your corner . it’s good look and give you some fresh O2.

5- Use a Real Rug in the Bathroom

flat for rent in zamalek

use real rug in your bath room

Use a rug instead of a bath mat. It was made to withstand a lot more wear than the occasional wet foot.


what was the best tip for your new apartment in Zamalek ? leave a comment and tell us !

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