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useful tips for living on Zamalek , cairo

useful tips for living on Zamalek , cairo

if you want to live in Zamalek cairo you have to learn many things . today zamalekflats shows you some useful tips to live in zamalek .



zamalek flats

where to go ? :


Everyone goes to see Pyramids in Giza and downtown to see the Egyptian Museum. But for a real slice of Cairo life, make sure to walk around old Islamic Cairo. like El Hossain mosque ,  and Khan el Khalili Bazaar has plenty of tourists, . It’s also worth it to pay a sunset visit to the large Al Azhar Park, just east of Islamic Cairo, which overlooks the city and is a great spot to hear all the mosques go off during the sunset .

Be careful:

Water sellers and other hawkers inside the Pyramids. You will pay an absolute fortune for their wares.

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“Baksheesh” (or tipping) is a way of life in Egypt, and it ‘s common to give a bit of change when someone unlocks a door for you or shows you a good viewpoint, but keep it to change or ask locals what is appropriate.

last advise:

Your Pyramids ticket is good all day. Come in the morning while it is cooler, with better light for photographs, then go out for a long lunch break, and come back in to finish off what you didn’t see in the afternoon.

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